Re: Lawsuit of Ahmad Aliff bin A S Ahmad Shariffuddin (Ifcon Technology) against former employee Ahmad Ali Husni bin Othman Azumi (Facebook: for Defamation of Character Ali Husni, a former programmer with our company, has pleaded guilty to slanderous statements, which has caused irreparable damage to our reputation. During a mediation session, he has requested for a resolution to be reached outside of court proceeding. (Refer to attachment below) Ali accused us of operating a ponzi scheme on Facebook publicly, as well as outside of social media, spreading lies and slander to our other employees. However, he has since rescinded his statements in court. We have decided to accept his apologies on the advice of our lawyer, as our lawyer[…]

Aside from Ahmad Ali Husni bin Othman Azumi, we have also filed a suit against another of our former employees, Muhammad Faiz bin Arifin ( who was also a programmer. Faiz was caught stealing digital assets owned by the company, after which, he vanished without a trace. We had offered a bounty to whoever can provide information to find Faiz. In the end, Faiz himself made contact with us, and admitted to his crime by returning the amount of the digital assets he had stolen. However, in order to save face, he falsely accused us of operating Ponzi schemes and money laundering activities, even though all we instructed him to do was improve and upgrade on the scripts for an[…]